reviews: The Butterfly Hunter Trilogy

Readers on Amazon:

Phase58 gave it 5 stars on Amazon UK and said: I didn’t want to finish this book cause that meant leaving Dave and Nicholas and their wonderful world. Even big bad mining companies couldn’t dissuade them from doing what was right. I loved this, it brought Australia into my living room and all its wonders along with it. Well written, no typos and great Aussie words like doona and Akubra and another word which I can’t remember which is basically a spork lol. The tale of two completely different worlds and how they join together seamlessly. I refuse to give the story away, just read the book and enjoy it as much as i did.

Readers on Goodreads:

Neet gave it 5 stars and said: What a wonderful trilogy of novels (including a short story by Julie Bozza). I took my time reading this beautifully written novel not wanting it to end. … David & Nicholas story is one that is funny, romantic, heartbreaking, and just plain enjoyable. I enjoyed reading about this couple and their wonderful friends and relatives. I hated for it to end, but plan to read again and again. It’s highly recommended and a good read!!!

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