About Libra-Tiger

When I write novels and stories, I always aspire to this ideal:

The best fiction is where art, philosophy and adventure all meet.

You can discover whether I achieve that via this site, LIBRAtiger, which acts as a central hub for the titles I have published. Manifold Press were kind enough to publish my LGBTQ+ fiction and male-male romance; these titles have now been re-released under the LIBRAtiger imprint. I am proud that my stories have been included in Manifold Press’s anthologies. MxM Bookmark have begun translating some of my titles into French. Ooh la la! I have also begun publishing my own general fiction.

The name of this site incorporates my Western astrological sign Libra and my Chinese zodiac sign Tiger. To be honest, I take astrology with a few grains of salt – but I still get a kick out of being a Libra-Tiger, and there’s plenty about both signs to like! On a more serious note, I like how the harmony and considered thought of the Libran scales contrasts with the energy and unpredictability of the tiger. Activities such as writing necessarily find a balance between two such forces – and so here I am, with one half of me prowling through the creative jungle, while the other half watches and considers and proofreads.

My biography and Transformative Works Statement can be found on the About Julie Bozza page.

I would – of course! – love to hear from you about art, philosophy, adventure, or indeed anything else you’d like to talk about. Please feel free to use the comment forms on any page of this site, or email me directly via [email protected]

Happy browsing – and happy reading!